When you think of qualitative research, it is hard not to picture the mirrored window.

Our clients sit behind it eating sugary snacks, and, let’s face it, hammering out some emails, scheduling meetings, and doing other activities taking them out of the moment.

We see the glass not as a window into the soul of the consumer but as a another wall separating our clients and their customers.

We want to shatter it.


Online Groups and IDIs

Face to Face discussions held by Webcam. Full screen sharing capabilities for stimuli and unlimited client observers.

Ethnography and Shopper Studies

Live streaming of in home and in store interviews at a fraction of the cost

Mobile to IDI

Follow-up with your mobile research participants in a turnkey face-to-face interview in real time. Screen sharing allows us to share their tasks as stimuli for discussion.

User Experience

Desktop and mobile enabled UX testing conducted remotely and in real time

Pop-Up Facility

Live streaming of in-person research wherever you are, including traditional facilities. Eliminate the high costs of FocusVision.

Paperless Concepts

Eliminate the waste common in traditional group testing. No more scrambling to print concept revisions in-between groups.

Travel Expenses

The Cost of FocusVision Live Streaming

The cost of in person research

Video Quality

Available as full service or platform only. Schedule a Demo Today.