Vertigo Partners

Pioneers in User Experience Research

Custom UX  research solutions spanning needs identification, ideation, prototype development, and user testing.

We help our clients build the right thing and then build it right.


Needs Identification

We start by uncovering and prioritizing user needs and employing them to inspire design thinking.

Design Development

A suite of in-person and virtual tools designed to identify how well a product meets intended needs and identify areas of optimization.

Story-Focused Deliverables

User stories brought to life though visual presentations, professional videos, and engaging podcasts.

Solutions for any Budget

In Person

In person conversations held at interviewing facilities, in home, or wherever your customers are most comfortable. All sessions can be streamed real-time and areaccessible on-demand.


One on one conversations held via webcam. Screen sharing enables us to see what a user is doing on their desktop or mobile devices. A moderator is present to probe into responses.


Users complete a series of tasks without an interviewer present. Ideal for quick-turn, low-cost projects or as an early phase uncovering issues with an existing site or app.