Lou Aronica didn’t intend to be a writer; born on Elvis Presley’s birthday, Lou felt it was his destiny to be a rock star, but that all changed after a teacher encouraged him to develop an evident talent for writing.

After graduating college with a degree in English, Lou planned on becoming a teacher, though a bad economy and a flood of talent competing for teaching jobs that simply weren’t there pushed him into the only other career well suited for an English major—publishing.

After rising through the ranks in the publishing world, a window was opened when his company was purchased by News Corp and the powers that be decided his services were no longer needed at the helm of Avon Books. Armed with some free time (and a golden parachute), Lou wrote what became his first novel, USA Today Best Seller The Forever Year. In addition to successful followup works of fiction, Lou has also penned non-fiction as well as helped develop other authors through his company The Fiction Studio.

In this interview you’ll hear how Lou got his start, the importance of being honest as a writer – especially when writing fiction – and his perspectives on how the publishing business has changed with the advent of The Kindle and the rise of independent authors. You will also hear a recurring theme in Lou’s life, how events don’t always unfold the way he wants them to, but do so in a way that moves his life forward for the better. To bring it back to where our conversation began, Lou discusses his return to music and the singles he is releasing every week through his blog, which can be found at louaronica.com/blog.

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