Today is a big day for Uncorking a story because I get to share with you my conversation with Bruce Miller, the creator of Smart Alex – a new, better for you, snack food. I love talking to entrepreneurs because I’m always left feeling inspired by their stories; the drive and ability to put thought into action is a skill that few people have and I think it’s worth uncorking the stories of those who do so successfully.

Bruce Miller, though, didn’t set out to be a snack food disruptor (whatever that is). At an early age, he demonstrated a talent in art and his parents encouraged that by enrolling 11-year-old Bruce in a painting class.  From there it was off to art school in New Haven for college and then onto jobs at smaller ad agencies in Connecticut and New York before landing at Jordan McGrath, Case, and Taylor where he worked under James Jordan as a copywriter.

My mother always said that behind every great man is an even better woman and interwoven in this interview is a love story. After moving to California to service his biggest client, Bruce kept up a long-distance relationship with a woman named Maria Guella. They soon became engaged and she, as well as the professional transition Bruce made at that time, would play an important role in the Smart Alex story.

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You can learn more about Smart Alex at: