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Mike is one of the best interviewers in the business. He’s got a true talent for building rapport and getting others to open up to him regardless of where the discussion takes them – which is often to very emotional places.

Joe Indusi

Director , Indusi Filmworks

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Lou Aronica didn’t intend to be a writer; born on Elvis Presley’s birthday, Lou felt it was his destiny to be a rock star, but that all changed after a teacher encouraged him to develop an evident talent for writing. After graduating college with a degree in English,...

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Today is a big day for Uncorking a story because I get to share with you my conversation with Bruce Miller, the creator of Smart Alex – a new, better for you, snack food. I love talking to entrepreneurs because I’m always left feeling inspired by their stories; the...

The Karen Rands Interview

As many of you know, I write novels and a few weeks ago I did an email promotion with an author services company to get the word out about my first mystery Uncorking a Murder. While that promotion was running, I received an email from a fellow author who was also...